the Dupont Company want to sue for Teflon

the Dupont Company want to sue for TeflonAgainst the American company DuPont filed lawsuits for alleged adverse health effects of chemicals used in Teflon pans Studies have shown protection Agency U.S. environmental, one of the members of the Teflon chemical compounds, known as es-8, does not decompose in nature. Families who have filed lawsuits against DuPont, accuse the company in the occurrence of congenital malformations in children of those of its employees who had to deal with Teflon. Teflon was created in the 30s in one of the laboratories of DuPont. In 1945 in trade appeared first neprigoraemuyu" pan. Since this material is highly resistant to high temperatures, are used in many industries - from tableware to the spacecraft. Читать полностью -->

Russian psychiatrists outlawed

Russian psychiatrists outlawedThe European court of human rights has ruled illegal activities of the Russian psychiatrists, more precisely, the system of compulsory admission of psychiatric patients, valid in Russia. According to experts, this system does not meet European standards in the field of human rights. The reason for appeal to the European court was forced hospitalization of a resident of Yekaterinburg Tamara Rakevich. She spent in a mental hospital for several months, undergoing treatment for paranoid schizophrenia. But, as it turned out later, Rakevich was hospitalized after her friend called an ambulance, being dissatisfied with the result of disputes on religious themes. Читать полностью -->

environmental causes kidney damage

 environmental causes kidney damageThe environment causes damage to the kidneys from the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil and Pervouralsk Last year sanitary doctors of the regional MCSEs conducted a risk assessment for public health 12 urban areas. Were examined in the territory of Lenin and the Verkh-Isetsky areas Ekaterinburg, Lenin and tagilstroevskogo districts of Nizhny Tagil, the village of Dinas and district Taggart of Pervouralsk, Krasnouralsk, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sredneuralsk, Kushva, Berezovsky, Sysert. Take into account all ways of entering the human body of pollutants (air, water, food). Based on these data, sanitary inspectors identified a severity of carcinogens, lead, cadmium, copper and zinc on human health. It was found that exposure to cadmium can cause cases of nephropathy (group of diseases with renal impairment) in the surveyed areas Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, the district Taggart in Pervouralsk. The greatest exposure of carcinogens are Yekaterinburg, district Taggart Pervouralsk and Nizhny Tagil.. Читать полностью -->

Chronic heart failure is often accompanied by anemia

Chronic heart failure is often accompanied by anemiaChronic heart failure is often accompanied by anemia 'In this group of patients treated with erythropoietin and intravenous iron supplementation leads to a significant improvement of the function of the heart', says Dr Paul Mohacsi and his colleagues at the Bern University hospital (Switzerland). The researchers retrospectively studied the prevalence of anemia and its correlation with the class of congestive heart failure (CHF) NYHA in 193 patients. 14 patients had class I CHF, 69 - II, 79 - III, and 31 - IV. All participants underwent clinical and laboratory examination, echocardiography and coronary angiography. In General, anemia (hemoglobin below 120 g/l) was detected in 28 patients (15%). Class CHF by NYHA was inversely correlated with the fractions of left ventricular ejection (when I grade - 45%, II - 32%, III - 25%. Читать полностью -->

Predisposition to schizophrenia can be defined by the smell!

Predisposition to schizophrenia can be defined by the smell!Dr. Warrick Brewer of the University of Melbourne examined a group of people with a high risk of developing psychosis. The survey found that the development of schizophrenia patients lose the ability to adequately identify the smells. For example, patients confused the smell of pizza with the aroma of orange and took the smell of smoke for the smell of chewing gum. Interestingly, the symptoms preceded the clinical manifestations of psychosis. Probably part of the brain responsible for the recognition of odors, which are closely associated with areas of brain tissue that is affected in schizophrenia. Читать полностью -->

Medical center Shorin

Medical center ShorinMedical center Shorin Carry out the treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse, according to the unique methodology of the doctor of medical Sciences Professor centuries Shorin.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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