Classical massage

Classical massageWhen massage is used certain techniques, they can be divided into five major groups. These include: stroking; rubbing; squeezing; kneading; the vibration. In turn, the methods can be classified as srednogorie (stroking, rubbing, squeezing), deep (kneading) and shock (vibration). During the massage you need to alternate techniques, without interruption between them. It should not during massage massage lymph nodes. Starting to learn massage techniques can be massaged his leg, while new both know and feel what sensations feel massaged person. Читать полностью -->

The insane will operate without their consent

The insane will operate without their consentThe insane will operate without their consent The Scottish government has prepared a new bill that would allow doctors to operate mentally ill patients without their consent. A new bill has been a strong backlash. Scottish Association for mental health (Scottish Association for Mental Health) set against the implementation of such measures and encourages members of the Scottish Parliament to oppose the bill. The representative of the Scottish government said that the provisions of the bill were formulated after detailed consultation with the Association and based on the recommendations of the Milan Committee (Millan Committee) and the Scottish law Commission (Scottish Law Commission). According to him, both of these organizations are of the opinion that adults are incapable people should not be denied treatment. "Act in support of disabled people (The Adults with Incapacity Act) is designed to protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society, giving them the opportunity to receive medical assistance because they are not able to make the decision to consent to the operation. Читать полностью -->

AIDS Vaccine will be available in years

AIDS Vaccine will be available in  yearsA vaccine against HIV infection the global scientific community will have, most likely, five years to 2008. So says the RAMS academician Anatoli Vorobiev, head of the Department of Microbiology and immunology, Moscow medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov. Treatment 40 million infected with HIV in the world at the present time is not enough even the budgets of all countries without exception, said the Russian academician. "Only universal vaccination, as was dramatically taken in the case of hepatitis B, curb sweeping the continents epidemic of a deadly disease," believes sparrows. According to him, preclinical trials of new HIV vaccines using genetic engineering techniques deployed and successfully promoted in Russia. Читать полностью -->


GlossitisGLOSSITIS - catarrhal or purulent inflammation of the tissues of the tongue. This term refers also symptomatic (pernicious anemia, beriberi, some dermatosis, acute infection) language changes and anomalies in the structure (diamond, fold the language and so on). Etiology. Local irritating factors, the insertion of a bone, bites and other injuries. The symptoms for. When catarrhal glossitis burning sensation in the tongue, toothache spicy food. Читать полностью -->

In the death of Russian tsarinas of the blame cosmetics?

In the death of Russian tsarinas of the blame cosmetics?Interesting results have been scientists who have studied the remains of Russian Queens and princesses from the necropolis of the Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin. It turns out that cosmetics, which was used by medieval beauties, contained huge quantities of heavy metals. Perhaps this was the reason for the early death of so many of the Queens and just the ladies. The thing is that in those times as cosmetics used the same paint that painting, which was done on the basis of mercury, arsenic and lead. These elements were included in a large number and in many medicinal ointments. However, of course, is often the cause of death of the Queens was not only cosmetics. Читать полностью -->

Wheelchair reads the thoughts

Wheelchair reads the thoughtsSwiss and Spanish scientists working to create a wheelchair that can be controlled by thought. This chair is created specifically for partially paralyzed people who find it difficult to use ordinary. After a short training new promises them relative independence. On the head of the patient is put on a kind of helmet with electrodes, through which he can convey his commands to the computer, driving the chair. Scientists are now testing the system with a simple robot on wheels, who knows several commands: "left", "right", "right". Built-in artificial intelligence gives the robot the ability to react to obstacles to avoid collisions with them. Читать полностью -->

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