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Cancer, beans and lentils

Cancer, beans and lentilsAccording to an article published in the April issue of the International journal of Cancer, eating beans and lentils reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. While the use of other rich in flavonoids kinds of food does not affect this risk. Preliminary experimental evidence suggests that dietary flavonoids reduce the risk of breast cancer, but epidemiological evidence of this yet. Dr. Clement A. Adebamowo, from Harvard medical school in Boston with colleagues analyzed survey data 90,630 women (in their 710 cases registered aggressive breast cancer). Читать полностью -->

Sklifosovsky Nicholas

Sklifosovsky NicholasRussian surgeon, author of works on military surgery of the abdominal cavity. Years of life: 1836-1904 He was born near the town of Dubossary, and graduated from high school in Odessa. Doctor Sklifosovsky decided to become had from childhood, so after school he went to Moscow and entered the medical faculty of Moscow University. There had arisen his medical specialty - surgery. Returning after graduation, home, Sklifosovsky several years he worked as the local doctor, and then entered the Odessa city hospital, where he soon became the head of the surgical Department. All the free time he had perfected his surgical skills, and three years later he defended his doctoral dissertation. Читать полностью -->

In the country to ban Smoking in public places

In the country to ban Smoking in public placesIn the country to ban Smoking in public places In Moldova intend to prohibit Smoking in public places. Such a bill developed by the Ministry of justice of the Republic. It provides for substantial fines of up to 50 minimum wages - for smokers who appears with a cigarette in the wrong place, in the presence of pregnant women or minors. As it was explained to reporters, the Minister of justice of Moldova ion Seas, the bill requires the managers of public and private institutions to post in the premises of the Declaration, prohibiting Smoking. Smokers also will provide special rooms with ventilation and will reduce their cash prize for Smoking during operation. The duties of the authorities also charged with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the dangers of Smoking.. Читать полностью -->

MSU no epidemic of fatal respiratory disease

MSU no epidemic of fatal respiratory diseasePress service of the Moscow state University.University denied some media about the allegedly broke out among the students of the epidemic of an unknown disease. The basis for the rumors was the death of one of the students of the faculty of computational mathematics and Cybernetics at the infectious diseases hospital on November 27. As reported in the state Sanitary and epidemiological supervision, the young man fell ill normal for the current season infection, but too late sought medical help. In the statement of the press service of the University informs that on Wednesday hostel Moscow state University was visited by the Committee of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision of Moscow, and decided that the number of cases in the Moscow state University and in the city as a whole fully corresponds to the usual for this time of year indicators. RIA "Novosti", the Interfax news Agency.. . Читать полностью -->


CandidiasisCANDIDIASIS (candidiasis, thrush) is a group of diseases caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Candida is found on fruits, vegetables, lactic acid products, waste water baths and so on, they are also common inhabitants (saprophytes) mucous membranes of the oral cavity, digestive tract, respiratory tract, vagina, skin of healthy people. Exogenous transfer of mushrooms is a contact may also airborne, by eating foods containing yeast-like fungi. The occurrence of candidiasis contribute to violations of protective forces of an organism (severe debilitating disease, cancer, diabetes, avitaminosis, and so on), as well as long-term uncontrolled use of broad-spectrum antibiotics that suppress the normal flora of the mucous membranes and skin, antagonists fungi of the genus Candida. There are a candidiasis of the skin (see Skin and venereal diseases), isolated candidiasis internal organs, digestive system, lungs, urinary tract, vagina, Candida sepsis. Candidiasis of the digestive system most often seen in lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth, pharynx; characterized by the appearance of small red spots later point white deposits on the mucous membrane of the tongue, cheeks, throat, which can merge, forming a clearly defined lesions covered with petty-white films, the destruction of which are found eroded surface. Читать полностью -->

SARS in Blagoveshensk still no

SARS in Blagoveshensk still noAnnunciation doctors have diagnosed polysegmental pneumonia" 25-year-old Denis Salnikova. He was admitted to the local hospital for infectious diseases in early may, and while his condition remains serious, but stable". Doctors Blagoveshchensk said that, from Moscow did not receive data on the presence in the blood of the patient of the SARS virus. Thus, officially, Russia has not yet registered a single case of SARS. [First channel] . . Читать полностью -->

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