vitamins can cause cancer

vitamins can cause cancerThe use of popular vitamins and minerals in high doses and over a long period can cause cancer, liver disease, depression and stomach disorders. To such conclusion experts of the British Agency for standardization of food products (Food Standards Agency), writes the Times. According to the Agency, vitamin supplements do more harm than good. Eating them save on vitamin C, calcium and iron. In this regard, the Agency issued a strict daily limits on the use of additives and, in particular, demanded to ban the release of chromium picolinate - it is used by athletes and everyone who wants to lose weight, as it helps to get rid of appetite and reset, so the extra weight. Strict warning issued also by the use of beta carotene, nicotinic acid, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6. Читать полностью -->

Care after surgery mastectomy

Care after surgery mastectomyWhat is the surgery of mastectomy? Pretty traumatic operation is mastectomy. After removal of the breast and regional lymph nodes axillary, subclavian and posabilities regions formed extensive soft tissue defect, intersect numerous lymphatic vessels, which leads to long-term allocation of wound fluid. How is postoperative wound drainage? These operations usually end up draining wounds forced detachable suction vacuum suction. U-shaped drains made of flexible polyethylene with multiple side holes through 2 contraditory is injected into the wound so that one of them was located in the armpit, where does detachable from behind the shoulder and infraclavicular regions and the second region of the flap. Using tee both drainage connected with a rubber tube, which is attached to the apparatus Bobrov. For sealing systems in the exit area drains impose skin fixing seams. Читать полностью -->

The world epidemic of overweight

The world epidemic of overweightThe world epidemic of overweight Experts who decided to take serious measures to reduce the number of overweight people due to the fact that obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. At the annual meeting of the who highlighted the problem of obesity in children in developing countries. "According to our estimates there are 22 million children under five years suffering from obesity," said Mary Bellizzi, expert of the international working group on obesity (International Obesity Task Force). Research has shown that in some parts of Africa obesity in children has become a greater problem than exhaustion. "In Africa, 0.7% of children suffer from malnutrition, while overweight is celebrated in more than 3%," said Neville Rigby (Neville Rigby, Director of public relations of the international working group on obesity. Who experts have reported that there are 300 million people are obese and 750 million people with overweight. Читать полностью -->

Researchers conducted a sensational experiment for growing nerve cells

Researchers conducted a sensational experiment for growing nerve cellsResearchers conducted a sensational experiment for growing nerve cells According to the BBC, American scientists were able to make human embryonic stem cells transplanted into the brain or spinal rats, while processing these chemicals are turned into nerve cells. This is another step towards creating effective treatments for Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, which is caused by degeneration of nerve cells. All previous experiments on replacing damaged nerve cells were unsuccessful. Only a small number of cells had become nervous. Scientists from the University of Texas treated human embryonic stem cells with a mixture of chemicals needed for the development of nerve cells. "Chemical treatment allows transfer cells in the intermediate plastic state. Читать полностью -->

Caffeine will help to fight cancer

Caffeine will help to fight cancerCaffeine will help to fight cancer Maybe someday substances contained in tea, coffee, chocolate and Cola, will be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Today Peter shepherd and his colleagues at University College of London reported in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that caffeine and theophylline inhibit the action of one of the main enzymes, and therefore can prevent the growth of cells and blood clots. The discovery may help to explain why theophylline, used in the treatment of asthma, is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Scientists are trying to deal with the enzyme PI-3, which plays an important role in the signaling mechanism that determines the growth and death of cells. One form of this enzyme, which can be treated with caffeine helps the body to respond to infection and is associated with an unpleasant bowel disease. A team of scientists investigated how the effects of caffeine and other substances on enzyme genetically transformed tissues of insects. Читать полностью -->

English diet of movie stars

English diet of movie starsEnglish diet of movie stars This diet often enjoy a movie star. A typical menu for the day. Breakfast Bacon (grilled), boiled fish, two pieces of bread, spread a thin layer of butter or honey, fresh fruit. Second Breakfast A glass of warm milk. Lunch First - broth; the second - meat, fish or eggs; one large or two small potatoes "in uniform", or one piece of bread with butter; vegetable salad; on the third fruit. Afternoon tea A Cup of weak tea or coffee with milk. Читать полностью -->

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