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Hidden advertising of tobacco and alcohol will be banned

Hidden advertising of tobacco and alcohol will be bannedBy March 1, 2005, the Federal Antimonopoly service together with the Ministry of economic development and trade will contribute to the state Duma amendments to the advertising law, restricting the advertising of tobacco and alcohol under the guise of other goods. This was announced by the head of FAS Igor Artemyev said at the session of the state Duma on Wednesday. "These amendments provide that if the trademark is "involved" on the use of the brand associated with alcohol or tobacco, this or a similar brand in this form may not be used in advertising of other goods," said Artemyev. According to him, during the preparation of the amendment of the FAS will consider legal issues that may arise in connection with intellectual property rights on a particular brand. "It is immoral, when under the guise of coffee, pasta or pepper is the advertising of alcoholic beverages. This behavior can be characterized as immoral," said Artemyev. Читать полностью -->

For patients not kidding!

For patients not kidding!For patients not kidding! You can imagine how boring the work of one of the apothecaries, if he sacrificed place pharmacist for fun. Several Charter from the printing instructions for medicines manufactured according to a special recipe, employee of pharmacy has decided to make fun of one lady, who regularly visited this institution and bought the same tablet for a long time. The young man decided that the woman is unlikely to be once again to meet with the already painfully famous statement, so I printed a special instruction for the patient, where the patient was recommended 'to enter medicine in for pleasure (one into p y when pleasure is required)'. When 23-year-old Rachel Steele read it, her indignation knew no bounds. Considering the creation pharmacist for uniform mockery, Rachel turned for help to the administration network pharmacy Feltham Night and Day Chemists. Veni Charania, managing pharmaceutical pharmacy network West London, first apologized to the girl and compensated for moral damages cheque for 150 pounds, while noting that more compensation, it is not worth it. Читать полностью -->

Bleeding dysfunctional uterine

Bleeding dysfunctional uterineBLEEDING DYSFUNCTIONAL UTERINE arise as a result of a breach of hormone production of the ovaries. They are divided into bleeding in juvenile age at childbearing age and menopause. In girls, they are usually associated with impaired function of the hypothalamic - pituitary - ovaries. In women of childbearing age dysfunctional uterine bleeding is more often caused by inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, in the menopausal period is a violation of the regulation of menstrual function. The basis of pathogenesis are disorders of ovulation (anovulation) as a result of persistence or atresia of follicles. Consequently luteum is not formed, secretory transformation of the endometrium does not occur. Читать полностью -->

Euro Allergy

Euro AllergyUnusual diagnosis "eurogallery" - put the Italian doctors an elderly lady that has fallen on the hospital bed after he had held it in the hands of the Euro. Cause allergies, most likely, was Nickel, which is contained in the coins. The second incident also occurred in Italy. This time the victim of the Euro, already paper, was the cashier a small shop. After the lady counted revenue, she had to provide medical care. Browser. Читать полностью -->

Deficiency of nicotinic acid

Deficiency of nicotinic acidDeficiency of nicotinic acid (vitamin PP, B3, and others) due to insufficient intake of this vitamin from food (for example, when the preferential feeding on corn), lack of its absorption in the intestine (various diseases of the stomach and small intestine, accompanied by a syndrome of insufficiency of suction) and high demand (pregnancy, heavy physical work and other). Severe deficiency of nicotinic acid is manifested clinical symptoms of pellagra, which is found in some countries of Africa and Asia. Nicotinic acid and its amide are effective antiallergicheskimi means, involved in cellular respiration, as prosthetic groups of enzymes kodegidrazy I and II. When their deficiency in the body leads to significant disorders of metabolism and functions of many organs, dystrophic and degenerative changes in organs and tissues, most pronounced in the skin, nervous and digestive systems. Usually when pillage there are signs of deficiency of other b vitamins, and amino acids tryptophan (found in complete proteins). In many foods of animal and vegetable origin nicotinic acid is available in sufficient quantity. Читать полностью -->

All about beautiful teeth

All about beautiful teethNature has endowed man 32 teeth - pearls requiring care. Healthy and beautiful teeth since ancient times was considered a sign of strength and health. Everything is important: the shape, size, color, frequency, the mutual position of the teeth when closing the jaw (in the jaw). Wide, without exposure of the gums smile, known as "Hollywood". Look, even the closing of the lips, also depends on the teeth, their availability, from the bite of the form. Ideally, the upper front teeth should slightly overlap the bottom and the side teeth should extend slightly to the side towards the lower side teeth. Читать полностью -->

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