Psychotherapist Temnikov Gennady Yakovlevich

Psychotherapist Temnikov Gennady YakovlevichPsychotherapist Temnikov Gennady Yakovlevich I am a physician, graduated from the medical faculty of the Tomsk medical Institute in 1975 and, in accordance with this date, have continuous experience of therapeutic work. Majored in clinical medicine, public health and psychotherapy. Healing activities started with student years, and the interest in it has appeared earlier, because the setting and the family had and the choice of a profession and to enter non-traditional way of treatment. Mother and father are doctors, senior and a younger brother, also a doctor, and if you count on present and former relatives, health workers in the family will be typed with a dozen.. . . Читать полностью -->

Genitals, kidneys

Genitals, kidneysWith age, the testicles slowly decrease in size, and the secretion of testosterone is reduced to a minimum, but none of these changes should not affect the sexual life of men. Spermatogenesis in the period from 20 to 80 years is reduced by half, but nevertheless remains within normal limits. Age should not reduce sexual desire, and impotence is never a sign of old age is usually the result of disease. Healthy man capable of reproduction until the very venerable age. Maintain a regular sex life. General age-related slowing of most functions also affect the complex neural and vascular interaction, providing the possibility of intercourse. Читать полностью -->

Care for colored hair

Care for colored hairWanting to recolor hair, we go to the store, buy our favorite paint and apply it on hair. My head and say... horror: the color turned out terrible, absolutely not the same as it was planned. And the hair looks lifeless... Sound familiar? That hair dye has not given us more surprises, follow the advice of experts. 1. Читать полностью -->

Gold "nanopure" against cancer

Gold American scientists propose to use the gold "nanopoly for detection and destruction of inoperable cancer. Tiny particles of silicon covered with gold and heated under the action of near infrared light. The obtained heat kills cancer cells and healthy cells is transparent to near infrared light, therefore, remain intact. The advantage of the new method of treatment of cancer before surgical tools is its non-invasive nature. As the near infrared light, and the nanoparticles are absolutely harmless to humans. Golden "nanopure" can also be used for treatment of very small metastases. Читать полностью -->


MiscarriageWhat forms of miscarriage isolated in clinical practice? Pregnancy can spontaneously be interrupted at any time. Interruption of pregnancy before 28 weeks is called a miscarriage, or abortion, and 28-38 weeks premature birth. Abortions are divided into early (before 16 weeks) and late (16 to 27 weeks). If the miscarriage is repeated more than 2 times, it indicates habitual miscarriage. What are the causes of miscarriage? The causes of miscarriage are numerous, complex and may not always be clear. To etiological factors include infectious and non-infectious diseases of the mother, infantilism, neuroendocrine disturbances, induced abortion, intoxication, pregnancy complications, chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, diseases and malformation of the genital organs, immunological incompatibility between the blood of the mother and fetus, trauma, disorders of spermatogenesis. Читать полностью -->


VitiligoVITILIGO is a relatively rare skin disease characterized by acquired focal achromia. Etiology. The condition is caused by loss of individual parts of the skin's ability to produce pigment due to the lack of melanocytes of the enzyme tyrosinase, which catalyzes the process of pigmentation. In the development of the disease can play a role of genetic and neuroendocrine factors (trauma, dysfunction of the adrenal, thyroid and Popov glands). The symptoms and course. The gradual appearance of various skin depigmentation spots, tend to grow and merge. Читать полностью -->

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