The role of nutrition

The role of nutritionAlthough America was a rich country 150 years ago, the workers and their families ate mostly bread, cheese and beer, and only occasionally at their table there was a piece of meat. For almost all, except for a few eccentric people, the meat was the most desirable food, therefore, the representatives of the middle and rich classes ate it in excessive quantities: often at dinner was served half a dozen meat dishes, along with alcohol and sweets. The fruit is considered an exotic food (you can find an orange in their Christmas gift), and vegetables and cereals - food poor. The doctors of the eighteenth century saw the meat as the basis of a healthy diet and an important element for the treatment of diseases. High-quality meat was considered to be the best, the meat is low quality - harmful, but no one objected to fat. None of the experts did not approve of lean meat, because everyone knew that healthy animals should be bold. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have invented a new method of male contraception

Scientists have invented a new method of male contraceptionScientists have developed a new method of contraception for men, which, according to its creators, it is extremely reliable and has no side effects. The use of contraceptive includes implanting under the skin every four months of the implant containing the male sex hormone testosterone, and the injection every three months of the hormone progestin used in the female birth control pill. Scientists from Sydney were testing at 55 men. Resulting from the use by patients of the new method none of their partners become pregnant. At the end of the tests the ability to reproduce returned to the patients within a few months. According to the head of research Professor David Handelsman, "this is the first time the pair has experienced a contraceptive, which reliably and reversibly inhibits the production of sperm". Читать полностью -->

Erase the stress from the face

Erase the stress from the faceErase the stress from the face *210r*In times of stress our mantle hits his own body, which takes the skin of oxygen and nutrients, to send them more important, in his view, the address, for example, the heart or the brain. However, you should not give up. 7 shock stress Stress skin exposed to much more than the organism as a whole. And suffering from them stronger. As she reacts to the "abnormal situation"? -Appear flaky. -Can produce redness. Читать полностью -->

Will the surgery bloodless?

Will the surgery bloodless?Will the surgery bloodless? Dutch scientists have developed a new method of reducing blood loss during surgical operations. They showed that the preparation of coagulation factor VIIA used for the treatment of hemophilia, can be used to activate the blood coagulation system in healthy people. The efficiency of the new method was confirmed during several tens of surgery to remove a representative gland (during this operation, surgeons use trespasing access to a small pelvis, accompanied by massive blood loss). With the help of factor VIIA doctors managed to reduce the amount of blood loss is almost two times and thus avoid the transfusion of donor blood, is included in the standard Protocol anesthesia while prostatectomy. According to scientists, the use of coagulation factor VIIA for the correction of hemostasis surgical patients is very promising, however, before its introduction into clinical practice requires further investigation. It is possible that in some cases, factor VIIA, introduce people with normal clotting, which can cause thrombosis or thromboembolism.. Читать полностью -->

California company intends to buy female milk

California company intends to buy female milkOne of California companies decided to commercialize the procurement, storage and further use of women's breast milk. As stated by the CEO Elena Medo, it intends to collect donor milk processing and sale of medical institutions, for example, for the care of premature infants. "Breast milk contains more than 100 thousand of the various components, and we know about the properties of only a few thousand of them," said Medo and stressed that he does not consider the right to deprive other children who do not have the natural power of this valuable product. In addition, she hopes in the future to develop a variety of medicines on the basis of breast milk. Up to this point, female donor milk was engaged in several non-profit organizations, and then only at the local level, there is no centralized in the United States did not exist. Recall that the idea of using breast milk in pharmacy is not new, Swedish scientists have created a dermatological cream, which consists of components of women's breast milk. Читать полностью -->

Lovers to smoke weed have a great chance to become infertile

Lovers to smoke weed have a great chance to become infertileFrequent infertility among men is an active smokers of marijuana was noted long ago by the medical statistics. It turned out that the reason for this is the effect of marijuana on the activity and behaviour of sperm, which under the influence of its chemical components are moving too quickly and too early, thus simply "burning" and drastically reducing the chance of fertilization. Researchers from the Medical School of the University of Buffalo, headed by Dr. Lani Berkman, presented their results at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine held last week in San Antonio, Texas. This is the first study which studied the effect of Smoking marijuana on the quality of sperm in men. The researchers compared samples spermatikoi fluid in 22 men who had a drug addiction from Smoking marijuana in severe form with semen 59 healthy men who have become fathers. Читать полностью -->

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