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SARS people watching a movie, sitting in cars

SARS people watching a movie, sitting in carsThe people of China have discovered a new way of entertainment v cinema under the open sky. Getting rid of atypical pneumonia, but fear of its repetition, the Chinese in normal cinemas to go until resolved. To feel in complete safety in your car, so the popularity of this form of recreation is growing rapidly. A new hobby and find another reason. Residents actively connecting with rental cars. Beijing has already traveled half a million cars. Читать полностью -->

Carbon monoxide is useful for "cores""

Carbon monoxide is useful for In the UK developed a method of treatment of heart attacks and reduce the risk of rejection of organs after transplantation using carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is deadly in large doses, but a small amount of it prevent the rejection of organs after transplantation. Carbon monoxide allocates molecules РЎРћRM that the researchers used in water-soluble form РЎРћRM-3 for life-sustaining organs and reduce the risk of rejection. When heart attacks the cells of the heart muscle can be damaged or die from prolonged lack of oxygen. During the experiment, led by Dr. Roberto Motterlini, heart muscle cells grown in laboratory conditions, were deprived of oxygen for 24 hours to simulate a heart attack. Читать полностью -->

Status light depends on the time of day

Status light depends on the time of dayThe condition of the lungs, even a perfectly healthy person not constant - it varies continuously throughout the day. Best light work in the evening, worst of all - around noon. According to researchers from the medical center long island, these cyclic changes in the lung condition caused by the same mechanisms that underlie the so-called circadian rhythms - daily changes of almost all processes in the body. Circadian rhythms regulate the processes of sleep, wakefulness, determine the level of human activity in a certain period of time, the condition of its metabolism. It turns out that in this list you can enable the status of the respiratory system. According to scientists, they discovered cyclical changes in the functional activity of the lungs are important for everyday life and for medicine. Читать полностью -->

Caring for fine hair

Caring for fine hairThe fleece is in fashion again, but not very useful for hair. If you do a NAP every day, but only sometimes, then against it, no objections. Just fine, soft hair he gives the desired elasticity. You should not necesitate the entire length of hair, from root to tip, because this hair soon starts to split and lose their natural Shine. Necesitate hair only at the base. Make sure to not form plica. Читать полностью -->

Kazan threatened outbreak of anthrax

Kazan threatened outbreak of anthraxA resident of Kazan hospitalized with symptoms of anthrax, still 97 people are under medical supervision. This was stated by the chief doctor of the hospital for infectious diseases city Vahit Samatov. They all had contact with meat, taken from the village of Konstantinovka Vysokogorsky district, which were sold on the street without veterinary inspection. According to the doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan Tatiana Savitskaya, laboratory studies have shown that beef contaminated with anthrax. The patient did not immediately went to the doctors. Despite the discomfort, high temperature, it is a few days of taking the medication at home, thereby complicated the treatment, says Samatov. Читать полностью -->

Pain in the heart Angina

Pain in the heart AnginaThat is typical for heart pain caused by angina? The most important aspect in the treatment of angina is severe pain attacks. Painful attack of angina pectoris is characterized by a squeezing pain in the chest, which may occur either after exercise (angina) or at rest (angina at rest). The pain lasts for a few minutes and removed with the help of nitroglycerin. As docked angina? To relieve the attack shows the use of nitroglycerin (2-3 drops of 1% alcoholic solution or tablets 0.0005 g). The drug must be absorbed into the mucous membrane of the mouth, so it should be placed under the tongue. Nitroglycerin causes vasodilation of the upper half of the body and the coronary vessels. Читать полностью -->

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