The defibrillator Primedic DEFI-B

The defibrillator Primedic DEFI-BAsynchronous defibrillation, built-in rechargeable battery. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: 2000.0 EUR The field of medicine: Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment Description: Defibrillators PRIMEDIC Defi-B quick When the self test is constantly checked -unit high-voltage -charging period -precision power level -battery status Icons and zamorozhennyy process program provides reliable manual control Automatic functions protect from improper management Diagnosis within seconds and error-free service All connectors are protected by the hull shape The weight of the defibrillator, including spoon electrodes and the battery does not exceed 8,5 kg Shock plastic case protects the instrument in extreme conditions exceptional instrument for reliability in medicine Worldwide proven more than 10,000 devices. PRIMEDIC Defi-B-defibrillator operating using the battery. Mobile reliability justifies itself daily, regardless of the electrical network, in ambulances, cardiac rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc. For these defibrillators characterized by exceptional durability and reliability. PRIMEDIC Defi-B is ready for use away from power outlets, due to the large capacity batteries. Читать полностью -->

Near Nizhny Novgorod broke rabies

Near Nizhny Novgorod broke rabiesNear Nizhny Novgorod broke rabies In the village of muhtolovo Nizhny Novgorod region, an outbreak of rabies. As the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia, as a result of bites by rabid dogs suffered 45 residents of the village. 17 of them children. In addition, 25 people found the injuries of varying severity. All the victims are under the supervision of physicians and treating rabies vaccine. At the moment, among bitten by rabies is not infected anyone. Читать полностью -->


PreventionToday hardly anyone would argue with the fact that our body is a unified, functioning under the same laws. Moreover, I would like to emphasize that the word "body" refers to not only our physical body, but all other body, also called the biofield. You might be surprised, but over many decades of domination in our country and in our minds of a materialistic worldview, our biofield not atrophied, offended by our blindness and glorious continues to exist today, including the etheric, mental, astral and other bodies. Seemingly, what is the relationship between aura and our hair? Yes? No, I can already hear the cries of the most advanced readers that the relationship is not just there, but the most direct. When we get sick, it means only that the disease (or, rather, information about it) has already passed through the outer body and got to our physical body. And the highest penetrating power is stressful information and psychological problems. Читать полностью -->

The number of officially registered HIV-infected people in Russia has reached thousand people

The number of officially registered HIV-infected people in Russia has reached  thousand peopleThe number of officially registered HIV-infected people in Russia has reached 194 thousand people On the eve of the day of remembrance of those who died from AIDS (may 19) Foundation to support civil initiatives "Focus" and the international organization AIDS Foundation East-West" held a press conference with participation of representatives of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. According to official data, on may 13, 2002 with HIV in Russia are infected 194 thousand people, including in Moscow - more than 14.5 thousand people. The main target of the epidemic of young people from 20 to 29 years. According to experts of the Ministry of health, if the situation does not change after 5 years in Russia will be more than 5 million HIV-infected people, the majority of which are over 10 years old will die. World experience shows that to affect the dynamics of HIV transmission by using preventive information campaigns promoting safe sexual behavior, said the representative of "AIDS Foundation East-West" Jan van has been. This confirms the analysis of the results of the campaigns "Reasonable man as a rational choice" (1998-1999), "This detail will protect both" (1999-2000) and How important it is to be protected" (2001-2002). Читать полностью -->

Louis Pasteur

Louis PasteurFrench scientist, the founder of modern Microbiology and immunology, foreign corresponding member (1884) and honorary member (1893) St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Years of life: 1822-1895 The work of Pasteur on the optical asymmetry of molecules formed the basis of stereochemistry. Opened the nature of fermentation. Refuted the theory of spontaneous generation of microorganisms. Studied the etiology of many infectious diseases. Читать полностью -->

In the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respirators

In the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respiratorsIn the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respirators Due to heavy smoke in the streets of the city, the correspondent of RIA "Novosti" was held on Thursday morning "mini" marketing research" in Moscow pharmacies simplest means of respiratory protection. Eight on-duty pharmacies, located in both downtown and in the suburbs of Moscow, the simplest of respirators in the sale was not. "Usually they are taken only during epidemics of influenza, or for care" - this was in most cases the answer. Meanwhile, in recent days specialists were rekomendowane Muscovites and guests of the capital to use respirators. But in reference service order rare medicine network pharmacies "36.6" reported that gauze bandages are available in all pharmacies that network. And indeed, pharmacies 36,6 they were in stock and at a very low price. Читать полностью -->

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