Doctors demand ban dietary supplements for weight loss

Doctors demand ban dietary supplements for weight lossEphedra is a plant that is included in many dietary supplements for weight loss and increase muscle mass, v is unsafe for use even in small doses, believes most American doctors. So, for 2001 in the USA officially registered 1178 cases of adverse side effects in people taking dietary supplements containing ephedra. This is about 64% of all adverse reactions to food supplements containing botanicals. Moreover, the FDA reports there were a number of deaths among young athletes, coming after taking efedrinsoderzhashchikh additives. Reacting to the situation, the editors of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stated the need to put under strict government control verification of safety and effectiveness of components of food additives. "Ephedra would never have passed such control," said one of the editors of the journal, Dr Catherine DeAngelis. Читать полностью -->

Residents of Stavropol immediately vaccinated against hepatitis and typhoid

Residents of Stavropol immediately vaccinated against hepatitis and typhoidResidents of Stavropol immediately vaccinated against hepatitis and typhoid Vaccination against hepatitis a, typhoid and intestinal infections began in the Stavropol region. According to Russian Internet publication Gzt.Ru the Krai government has allocated 4 million rubles for the purchase of vaccines against hepatitis b and 512 thousand rubles for the purchase of vaccines tifoso-intestinal infections. Residents affected by flooding towns, villages, hamlets granted disinfectants houses, garden buildings, gardens. Recall that in the aftermath of the floods in southern Russia were destroyed tens of kilometers of lines, water pipelines and sewage networks, as well as blurred several mounds, in which were buried the animals that died from anthrax. So, according to the regional administration, in the Stavropol region destroyed about five kilometers of water and 12 km of sewer networks, and mass vaccinations in this situation is absolutely necessary. According to the latest data Gzt.Ru generated 116 teams, and they have already visited most zataplivaya settlements. Читать полностью -->

Ministry of health declared war silicone breast augmentation

Ministry of health declared war silicone breast augmentationThe Ministry of health of Thailand, today announced a nationwide campaign to promote physical exercises that promote mammary glands. This was stated by the experts of the Ministry of health according to traditional medicine. Exercises to the regular execution of which residents of Thailand will call on the eve of Valentine's Day should be an alternative to plastic surgery, in particular, expensive cosmetic surgery to increase breast volume. In addition, a new method, which main elements are stretching the upper body and massage, allows to detect cancer, say the authors. Plastic surgery is one of the main items of expenditure in Thailand, many women which is about the size of their bust. (News). Читать полностью -->

cell Phone spoils back

cell Phone spoils backThe debate about the potential dangers of mobile phones for health have been going on for many years and, apparently, will end very soon. Each year, scientists are more and more new evidence of how full the safety of mobile phones and their connection to cancer of the brain or other problems. For example, a few days ago, scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia) presented the results of their research, according to which mobile phones cause: incorrect posture. A group of researchers under the leadership of Dr. Paul Hodges held a series of unusual experiments. Scientists have connected the volunteers to the sensors registering the degree of tension of the muscles of the back and abdomen, and then offered them to walk through the room, talking on the cell phone. Читать полностью -->

Ocellar quartz

Ocellar quartzOcellar quartz *16r*This warm stones, green needle crystals of asbestos. They are very beautiful and incredibly healing. Cat's eye grows olive-green or pale lavender needles. Beautiful amulet he keeps love. Heals many diseases, for example diseases of the ears, eyes, heart, skeletal system, gynecological diseases and other Hawkeye grows darker, blue-green needles. He keeps a person from evil energies and enemies. Читать полностью -->

Abortion and its consequences

Abortion and its consequencesAbout the dangers of abortion talk a lot and loud. Each of You knows that abortion should be avoided in all possible ways. A woman going into an abortion, don't think about what may be permanently deprived of the happy opportunity to become a mother... And it is not necessary to hope for miracles of modern science, allowing insemination and in vitro fertilization. Think about what price You will pay? We are not talking about the material side of the question: according to statistics, only 15 % of all artificially fertilized women carry and give birth to a child. Not every are able to do it right the first time. Читать полностью -->

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