Portal hypertension syndrome

Portal hypertension syndromePORTAL HYPERTENSION SYNDROME - a syndrome characterized by increased pressure in the pool of the portal vein, the expansion of natural portocaval anastomoses, ascites, splenomegaly. There are extrahepatic form of portal hypertension, when the impediment to blood flow is localized in pechenochnyi departments of the portal vein (obstructive) or in neorganic departments hepatic veins (b - nadpochechnaja), intrahepatic (obstruction of blood flow is localized in the liver) and mixed forms of portal hypertension. There is also acute and chronic portal hypertension syndromes. Obstruction of blood flow in the portal vein leads to the expansion of its anastomoses with obstructive form of portal hypertension mainly improve portaportal way of collateral circulation (in the crawl space obstacles), while intra - and nadpochechnoj form portocaval (from the portal vein in the lower and upper hollow): occurs varicose veins of the esophagus and stomach, hemorrhoidal plexus, enlarged superficial veins radiating from the umbilicus (the symptom of Medusa's head). Due to stagnation of blood, increased pressure in the portal vein, and hypoalbuminemia formed ascites, increased spleen. The symptoms for. Читать полностью -->

to Condemn parmigana Merck failed

to Condemn parmigana Merck failedon 12 December in the United States ended its first trial on the claim of a relative of one of the consumers breathalyser Vioxx against the developer of this drug - pharmaceutical giant Merck. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision about the degree of culpability of the company in the death of his client. Last year, Merck was forced to withdraw Vioxx, one of the most successful products of the company, with global markets. Emergency curtailment of sales was due to the detection of serious side effects associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease when used medication. First Vioxx went on sale in 1999 until 2004 he was regularly attended by about 20 million people. on December 12, after the time allotted for debate has expired, the judge officially announced about the lack of a final decision of the jury. Читать полностью -->

Antidepressants save from respiratory arrest

Antidepressants save from respiratory arrestAmerican researchers have found that the antidepressant mirtazapine is effective in the treatment of apnea, according to Clinnix.net. In patients with apnea are marked with numerous stops breathing during sleep, leading to undesirable revivals. Because of sleep disorders in these individuals is greatly reduced performance, increased risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. According to the results obtained, the admission of mirtazapine at night reduces the number of stops breathing twice and normalizes sleep. The study involved 12 patients with sleep which doctors were seen in the clinic Illinoischicago University. The researchers believe that the effectiveness of antidepressant due to its main pharmacological action of v block neuronal reuptake of serotonin. Читать полностью -->

Runny nose Vice versa

Runny nose Vice versaRunny nose Vice versa Every fourth of the fair half of mankind at least once in their life suffered from inflammation of the bladder - cystitis. These are the findings of the world health organization. And one in eight suffers from this disease throughout life: As it begins The wind, the wind, sweeping the legs, not dressed in boots and warm trousers and boots and a thin tights - very cold! The next day sick: sore lower abdomen and bladder inevitably requires running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes. And well, if this procedure brought relief, but no: every time the pain, the pain, but gets only two or three drops! What to do? With the help of friends and trusted recipes" relatives diagnosed and begins to self-medicate. In the course usually goes packaging "out of those now yellow tablestock", which was used by my grandmother, which "seems too something". After several days, there comes relief, and the woman continues to live peacefully. Читать полностью -->

the New generation will be the most sick, fat and barren

the New generation will be the most sick, fat and barrenAs reported in its report of the British medical Association (BMA), the modern generation of teenagers will be more than ever in history to meet obesity and infertility. Kind of a time bomb that will explode when teenagers get older, the researchers called overeating, drinking alcohol, Smoking and drug addiction. In the group of 16 to 19 years, ten percent of girls suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, a quarter of 15-and 16-year-olds smoke, a fifth are obese. 11 percent of adolescents aged 11 to 15 years had used drugs in the month before the study. In addition, as noted in the BMA, the modern adolescents with age, you will have numerous mental disorders. According to experts, the poor state of health of adolescents is due to the fact that they fall into the gap between social and health services for children and adults. Читать полностью -->

Music as a reflection of our character

Music as a reflection of our characterOur music tastes can talk about many psychological features of a person. The University of Texas conducted a series of special studies among College students, the purpose of which was to find out the dependence of the musical selection on traits. Because musical tastes can help to know the other person better more delicate way: you only need to look at his music collection. However, remember that musical tastes are only part of our inner world. Students divided the music into the following categories: Blues, jazz, classical and folk music was seen as a "reflective and complex", heavy metal and alternative rock as "intense and rebellious", religious music, soundtracks, music, country music, pop music as "upbeat and conventional", rap, hip-hop, soul, funk and electronic dance music is energetic and rhythmic". After that, everyone chose the appropriate category, and once described himself as a person. Читать полностью -->

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