Scientists have grown inside the mouse a tiny human kidney

Scientists have grown inside the mouse a tiny human kidneyScientists have grown inside the mouse a tiny human kidney Using the technique, which could mean the end organ transplantation, scientists have grown miniature human kidney inside the mouse. Kidney, though tiny, works, and from this it follows that patients suffering from dysfunction of this organ, will ever be able to grow your own replacement. In an article published yesterday in Nature Medicine, a team of scientists from Israel reported, as were grown organs from embryonic, stem cells, i.e. cells "parent", who have yet to become specialized, distributed than they are in adulthood will become adult tissue or organs of the body. These cells are taken from embryos, human, and swine, and transplanted to mice, where they grew into a perfect human kidney and pigs, only the size of a mouse, according to today's Daily Telegraph article, the translation of which is published "Miniature human kidney and pig functioned, producing urine. Читать полностью -->

For the infection of SARS the Chinese face the death penalty

For the infection of SARS the Chinese face the death penaltyFor the intentional spread of infectious diseases, the Chinese threatened with imprisonment from 10 years to life or the death penalty, according to the international news Agency Reuters. Information about liability for offences related to the SARS epidemic, were submitted to the General Prosecutor's office and the Supreme court of the PRC and published may 15 in the Chinese Newspapers. According to the translation Reuters, the new rule States: "the Deliberate spread of contagious, infectious agents, threatening public safety, which will entail serious damage to health or death of other people, significant damage to public or private property, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for a term of 10 years or the death penalty". The adoption of this measure was immediately criticized by human rights activists news Agency reported. According to one of them, a Hong Kong-Frank Lu, "this document is contrary to International conventions on human rights and has not been approved by the all-China Assembly of people's representatives". According to Reuters, imprisonment threatens the Chinese and other offenses related to SARS. Читать полностью -->

American surgeon removes -pound tumor

American surgeon removes -pound tumorAmerican and Romanian surgeons proceeded to surgery to remove a 76-pound tumor from a 46-year-old Lucici Bunges, reports news website Ananova. Romanian suffers from a genetic disease neurofibromatosis, which are formed on the skin are numerous, sometimes massive tumors. The unique procedure is in the hospital Floreasca Bucharest Hospital and will take approximately 20 hours. During this time, surgeons will remove a massive education and close the defect artificial skin. Complete recovery of the patient will come only after a series of plastic surgeries. A team of 11 surgeons headed by the doctor from Chicago McKay McKinnon (McKay McKinnon), who successfully removed 90-kilogram neurofibroma in 1991. Читать полностью -->

breast milk is able to block HIV?

breast milk is able to block HIV?According to the results of laboratory studies, containing components of breast milk can prevent the transmission of HIV to infants. This discovery, researchers say, does not mean that HIV-positive mothers should breastfeed their babies, because the virus can still be transmitted in this way. However, if these data are confirmed by further research, they can help in the search for new ways of preventing transmission of the virus from one adult person to another during sexual contact. It is already known that milk contains certain substances that suppress HIV. "Breast milk is a lot of Goodies, such as antibodies from the mother's body," says Louise Kuhn, who had studied the ways of HIV transmission at Columbia University in new York. Now bill Paxton from the University of Amsterdam and his colleagues found specific HIV opposing components of breast milk that have the strongest effect. Читать полностью -->

New drugs makes it possible to teach an old mouse new tricks

New drugs makes it possible to teach an old mouse new tricksAs you know, one of the cause of memory loss with age and aging in General is the so-called free radicals - molecules that contain aggressive oxygen atoms. They contribute to the destruction of various tissues from the skin resulting in wrinkles) to areas of the brain responsible for remembering information. To bind free radicals and, consequently, slow down the aging process help a particular substance, the so-called antioxidants. These include, in particular, include vitamins a, C and E, as well as a number of enzymes, and in particular, catalase and superoxide dismutase. The latter is considered the most effective, but their molecules, and molecules of enzymes in General, very large, so not able to penetrate through the cell membrane into the cells, which doctors wanted to cure. "Besides, an excess of catalase and superoxide dismutase leads to a strong immune response: the body identifies them as foreign molecules and tries to destroy them," said the head of the group Michel Badri. Читать полностью -->

Cancer, beans and lentils

Cancer, beans and lentilsAccording to an article published in the April issue of the International journal of Cancer, eating beans and lentils reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. While the use of other rich in flavonoids kinds of food does not affect this risk. Preliminary experimental evidence suggests that dietary flavonoids reduce the risk of breast cancer, but epidemiological evidence of this yet. Dr. Clement A. Adebamowo, from Harvard medical school in Boston with colleagues analyzed survey data 90,630 women (in their 710 cases registered aggressive breast cancer). Читать полностью -->

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