In the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respirators

In the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respiratorsIn the capital pharmacies no sales simplest respirators Due to heavy smoke in the streets of the city, the correspondent of RIA "Novosti" was held on Thursday morning "mini" marketing research" in Moscow pharmacies simplest means of respiratory protection. Eight on-duty pharmacies, located in both downtown and in the suburbs of Moscow, the simplest of respirators in the sale was not. "Usually they are taken only during epidemics of influenza, or for care" - this was in most cases the answer. Meanwhile, in recent days specialists were rekomendowane Muscovites and guests of the capital to use respirators. But in reference service order rare medicine network pharmacies "36.6" reported that gauze bandages are available in all pharmacies that network. And indeed, pharmacies 36,6 they were in stock and at a very low price. Читать полностью -->

Take medicine correctly!

Take medicine correctly!Today there are a large number of drugs. They differ not only in content, quantity of the active substance - drug dosage and form of manufacturing (tablets, capsules, pills, and others), applications (inside, under the tongue, candles and other), frequency of use, side effects, and many others. Without a doubt, before taking the medicine need to be familiar with all its features. But there are universal rules of medications that are applicable in many cases. Here are some of them. if you do not know what must drink a particular drug, drink down his 12 glass of boiled water. Читать полностью -->

Avian influenza starts to be transmitted from person to person in a year or two

Avian influenza starts to be transmitted from person to person in a year or twoThe avian influenza virus can be transmitted from person to person within a year or two. Director of the research Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences Oleg Kiselyov said: "All the experts who assess what is happening in the world as a real threat to the gradual transition of avian influenza in circulation among the people, and the subsequent transmission from person to person". "How much time it will take - I think that not more than one or two years," said Kiselyov. He confirmed his intention to become one of the volunteers to test the vaccine, which is created at the Institute. Today the entire world is infected with 125 persons, 64 of them died. We are talking about Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Читать полностью -->

Treatment of cancerous tumors in children with cisplatin leads to deafness

Treatment of cancerous tumors in children with cisplatin leads to deafnessSeveral hundred children in the UK lose their hearing as a result of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. This conclusion was made by the doctors recently, before that it was believed that the cause of the hearing impairment, were themselves of cancer. Hearing loss after chemotherapy was also observed among adults. Platinum, base component developed in the 1970s drug cisplatin, the most effective tools against cancer, greatly affects the hearing. According to the Royal National Institute for Deaf RNID more than 500 children in the UK each year are treated with cisplatin and its analogues. At least a quarter of children are seen by the drop of the hearing, problems with vestibular mechanism or ringing in the ears. Читать полностью -->

Botkin Sergei Petrovich

Botkin Sergei PetrovichOutstanding Russian physician, the founder of Russian clinical medicine. In Leningrad before the building of the Military medical Academy is a monument: on a granite pedestal, the figure of an elderly man in an old-fashioned frock coat. Man low, but broad-shouldered, he had slightly spread my legs, put his hands behind his back, in meditation bowed on his chest head with big wise forehead. When in 1908 the sculptor C. A. Beklemishev finished the work on the monument to Professor Sergei Petrovich Botkin still alive were many students and colleagues a wonderful doctor and a scientist. Читать полностью -->

Men better than women identifying fake smile

Men better than women identifying fake smilePsychological research conducted on the Internet British psychologists have shown that men are more likely to accept false smile and the expression in General than women. The study was conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman (Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire) as part of the Edinburgh international science festival (Edinburgh International Science Festival. Online testing has attended more than 15 thousand people. People were asked to evaluate 10 pairs of pictures, which one smile was sincere, and the second is false. And before the beginning of the studies the subjects were asked how they evaluate their own ability to "read people". Women rated themselves much higher than men, 77 percent of females rated their intuitive abilities as "high", while men were more modest, the high level intuition called only 58 percent. Читать полностью -->

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